Friday, March 18, 2011

What a day to travel to heaven

I am sitting here on my lunch break, realizing that in one hour 3 people are going to be laid to rest. No death is easy to bear, no death is any less heartbreaking than another. However, today ...well the funeral today gets to me more than I anticpated, more than any other I have encountered before.

Thinking about those children dressed in their very best along side their mother as friends and family walk by to say one last goodbye. Even though we all know that they have already gone...taken their place in heaven along side her husband and their father. Oh the tears that are being shed today and oh the strength that I pray the family will be able to find to get through today, ECSPECIALLY today.

I did want to, in tribute to Amanda, Cameron and Sarah tell a few of my Braxton moments. I want to share these to re iterate how important it is to hug and kiss those children every chance you get and to show your friends and family how much they mean to matter how distant you may or may not be.

Braxton is a ham..and he knows it. The boy loves to run around naked. I can say "you wanna run around naked?" when he is having a bad day and all of a sudden his face will light up and his hands will shoot up because he knows that is what he has to do in order for me to take his shirt off.
*A few days ago we jokingly handed braxton his diaper and said "go throw it in the trash" and low and behold, that boy goes into the kitchen, opens the cabinet door, pulls the trash can out and throws the diaper away. I know it may not seem like a "wow" moment but it was...the boy is barely 2 years old.
*About a week ago Braxton wants to watch a movie so he goes into his play room, presses the button to open the dvd player, takes the dvd out by sticking his finger through the middle so as to not smudge it, hands it to me then grabs the new dvd to put in. However, before he does he flips the dvd over, blows on it (like you would blow on your sunglasses to clean them), then proceeds to wipe it down using his t-shirt! I was sitting there with my mouth on the floor. We had never actually taught him this...just something he learned by watching me.
*For the longest time Braxton has called our female jack russell "bedah." Now the only reason why I can think of as to why he would call her that instead of Roxie is because jason is very "free" with his words at times and would call for roxie by saying "bia**"...sigh. However, just the other day out of the blue, Braxton looks up and yells "Ro-tea." Close enough baby, close enough.
*Probably one of my favorite moments is when I come home everyday to hear Braxton run to me with out stretched arms yelling "momma" topped off with a kiss. I love it! Makes my day no matter what...

On and end note....No matter what a life is a life and is worth a 2nd look. Please don't give up on those around you and always find time to encourage and support. Give your children one extra kiss tonight....because they can never get enough love!

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